About Us

That Tune UK Music Marketing Company

What we do

We’re an independent Music marketing Company, helping individuals, groups and record labels promote and reach new heights in their career
We have a dedicated hard working team that can take you to the next steps to your future in the music industry.
Us – (What we offer)
That tune UK covers the following:
• Music Profiles
• Social Media networking sites
• Studio time
• Video time
• Promotional CDs
• Promotional clothing
• Promotion Through Apps and websites
• Put your music in the top DJs hands

We follow Ofcom codes of advertising and broadcasting.

The benefits

We have friendly personal devoted team that offers quality time and interest.
Bespoke creativity to suit your needs.
Competitive price range all round. Giving you the greatest value for money.
Operating strategically to get your music seen and noticed by the right people.
We will automatically promote your profile on our website as a bonus!


Keen and dedicated to your own brand/individuality and vision.
Clear direction for what you want.
Be yourself and enjoy the journey.

Our services in detail

Music Profile
A short Video Summary of the following;
You – Artist, name, age, genre
Time – How long have you been involved with music
Favourite artists
Likes and dislikes

Social media networking sites

Promoting your music on our very own:
• That tune UK Mobile App
• Website
• Twitter
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Sound cloud
• I tunes

Studio Time

Express your talent in our Studio
Make, produce and deliver music like never before
Flexible times slots to suit your needs

Video Production

Create your very own music video min of 4 hours shooting time.
From one to two different locations per shooting.

Promotional CDs

Put your music created on ‘That Tune UK’ promotional CDs
Packages start from 50 CDs upward.

Promotional Clothing

We have a wide range to choose;
• Baby’s Clothes
• Vests
• T Shirts
• Hats
• Jackets
• Tracksuits
• Personalised Plates and cups

Promotion Through App and website

Daily, weekly or monthly Promotion on our That Tune UK App or website the choice is your to the amount of air time you require